RLTW Commercial Services LLC- Construction Services Specialists

If You Need It Done, We Make It Happen

About Us

What We Believe

Service Disabled Veteran Own and Led Business

We believe in America, the American dream and the American Veteran. We want to ensure we honor our nation, provide opportunity and employ as many veterans as possible. We believe in ensuring our clients have a resource in construction services that makes things happen in a hassle free and proficient manner that exceeds expectations.

Who We Are


We are a Full-Service Disabled Veteran Owned and led contractor based in Wylie, Texas that specializes in Construction Services in industrial settings, construction sites, office buildings, medical facilities, office buildings, schools, and other commercial establishments.  Our Technology and Project Management tools give our clients access to real time data to manage projects with us more efficiently. Our Customer Service makes hiring us a decision you will not regret.

Why Choose Us?


 We want to partner with you so that you can maximize profitability and we can put our teams to work. We ask that you choose us before you choose anyone else because we are better trained, highly disciplined and we execute with military precision  

Our slogan:

If You Need It Done, We Make It Happen is how we approach every task, every mission every day. Whatever the "It" is call us to make it happen.